Build Your Diamond Ring For Less

Buying a diamond ring in new hampshire

Buying a Diamond Ring in New Hampshire.

Where to a buy diamond ring in New Hampshire.

Build your engagement ring for less at Port City Coin & Jewelry

For many people buying a diamond ring is a once in a lifetime purchase. For first-time buyers it is important to understand how the diamond market works and to be aware of the extreme mark-ups on diamond ring platinum and gold settings.

The price you pay for your diamond ring is not the sum of the parts of your diamond and your setting. The price of the diamond and setting are marked up significantly and there is an additional premium charged for both to be forged together as a ring.

Port City Coin and Jewelry can help you navigate the diamond ring buying process by helping you select and purchase your diamond and a suitable setting at an attractive price. Once we help you select your diamond and setting we can make your diamond ring.

The Port City Coin and Jewelry Advantage

PCC&J can assist you in the diamond ring buying process. By building your diamond ring from the ground up, we help you get your ideal ring at the fraction of the cost of a traditional jeweler.

Here is how it works:

1. Pick your diamond

Port City Coin and Jewelry actively buys and sells diamonds and can find the right diamond for you at a fair price. Through our relationships with gemologists, we ensure we don’t overpay for diamonds. We pass some of that savings on to you.

2. Select Your Setting

PCC&J also works with wholesale jewelers and can help you select and buy a suitable gold or platinum setting for your diamond at a fraction of the cost of a traditional retail jeweler.

3. Let Port City Coin & Jewelry Do the Rest

Once you select your diamond and setting, PCC&J will set the diamond you selected on the setting of your choosing.

By working with Port City Coin and Jewelry you will be able to leverage our expertise on diamonds and settings and get the best price possible for your dream diamond ring.

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