Bullion is common but makes fantastic gifts for family and friends. Available in bars and coins bullion provides a sufficient hedge against inflation. Bullion is a bulk quantity of precious metal, like gold, silver, platinum or palladium. Typically measured by weight and cast as bars, while gold and silver can be bought as coins.

Bullion Coins are bought and sold primarily for investment purposes. Value is based on bullion content and prices fluctuate with current market values. They are a preferred investment due to their convenience and privacy, and being classified as legal tender, they are treated favorably tax-wise in many jurisdictions. Visit our shop in Portsmouth to see our full selection of bullion, or sell / trade your bullion at our shop.

Paper Currency

Old paper money, rare currency, and financial collectibles are much more than just paper. These historical documents are important to collectors and our history, both here in the USA and worldwide.

Port City Coin has a wide variety of U.S. Paper Currency, perfect for just about any collection. Silver Certificates, Small or Large Notes, Federal Reserve Notes or other legal tender, we buy sell and trade:

  • Large Size United States Legal Tender Notes
  • Large Size United States Silver Certificates
  • Large Size United States Gold Certificates
  • Federal Reserve Notes
  • Original Series Nationals
  • First Charter Nationals
  • Brown Back Nationals
  • Colonial Paper Money
  • Continental Currency
  • Confederate Money
  • Obsolete Bank Notes
  • Error Bills
  • All Certified Currency
  • All World Currency
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